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Tilly Wallace

Souls to Heal (audio)

Souls to Heal (audio)

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Can an injured wolf and a broken witch heal each other…?

Alice Sheffield tore her soul into pieces and hid them to escape a soul-eating demon. Free at last, she longs to rebuild herself as something new and stronger, but she doesn’t know how. Then a catalyst for change enters her life.

Ewan Shaw was shot with an ensorcelled silver bullet that has tainted his blood and bound his wolf beyond his reach. He retreats to his friend’s rural farm to lick his wounds and contemplate his lack of prospects. Renowned for his cold detachment, he is fascinated by broken Alice and the heat she stirs within him.

Then fate presents an opportunity. In bringing an old foe to justice. Ewan might find a path for his life and Alice could confront her demons. But to do that, two broken people must heal each other, or shattered pieces will be lost forever.

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Customer Reviews

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souls to heal

Just love love the Higland wolf’s series ❤️

Daena Schofield
Souls to Heal

I really enjoyed hearing this story it was nice to hear Alice and Ewens story after discovering then in Monsters and Manners