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    A lost child will uncover old secrets….
    After her triumphant performance as goddess of the night, Sera is tasked with settling a restless spirit who has been roused by the fate of a descendant. A noblewoman stands accused of orchestrating the sad fate of her daughter...

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    An unexpected move could place Sera in check…or will it be checkmate?

    A strange beast stalks unfashionable Southbank. The Mage Council sends Sera to track the supernatural killer, while pressuring her to marry one of their hand picked suitors.

    RELEASES MARCH 1, 2023

  • New series!

    There are two things that can’t talk—moving pictures and dead showgirls…

    These heart warming historical mysteries are set in Wellington, New Zealand during the early 1920. Grab your copy for an unique kiwi cozy adventure.

    RELEASES JUNE 1, 2023


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"The only route she knew to a man’s heart was the direct one, assisted by rib crackers and a scalpel."