How do I read the eBooks or listen to the audio book?

eBooks and audio are deliverd via BookFunnel. eBooks can be read on any device or in the BookFunnel app. Audio books are listened to via the BookFunnel app. 
You can find your purchased content waiting for you in your BookFunnel library:
Your login is the email address you used at checkout.


Where is my ebook/audio book?

If you purchased an eBook or audio book you will be sent an email from BookFunnel with instructions on how to access your content. If you don't see it in your inbox, here are some tips:
Check your spam and "other" or promotions folder. Sometimes super efficient filters trying to protect you will route emails into a spam folder instead of your inbox.
Confirm you used the correct email address at check out. All eBooks and audio books are delivered to the email address you provided during check out.


How do preorders work?

With preorders you will be charged at once, on checkout. The book will be automatically delivered on release date by BookFunnel. A bonus of preording direct from me is that you will receive the book BEFORE it releases anywhere else. This will be at least the week before. I have been sneaky sometimes and set it free to direct readers much earlier than that even ;)

If release date comes aorund and you haven't seen an email from BookFunnel, check in your Spam folder. If you use Gmail you may need to look in the Promotions tab.

Please remember that books will be delivered to the email address you used at checkout.


Can I buy your books at other retailers instead? 

Absolutely! All my books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, AppleBooks, Kobo and GoogleBooks. You'll also find ebooks and audio in subscription services like KoboPlus, Scribd, Hoopla and libraries. PLUS: did you know that my audio books are also available on Spotify? :)