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Tilly Wallace

Castle Manoeuvre (audio)

Castle Manoeuvre (audio)

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Sera is imprisoned, magic-less, and alone…or is she?

Sera’s curiosity is finally satisfied about the Repository of Forgotten Things. Just not in the manner she desired. While she staves off boredom confined in her cell, Lord Rowan finally reveals his hideous plan, and Sera is not having any of it.

The shadow of the old mage’s conspiracy is cast over all of England and even King George. Sera holds the key to unraveling the web of treachery, but first she must escape her magical confinement and rekindle trapped powers. From the depths of the Repository, she weaves a tapestry of friendship and loyalty with unlikely allies.

With every passing day, the stakes grow higher, but time is running out for both England and Sera. The fate of the kingdom rests in her hands. The time for her to rise and claim her destiny is now. Only by escaping the Repository and unlocking the full potential of her magic can Sera hope to rewrite the fate of a nation and secure her own freedom.

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